A vehicle tracking system is a device used to track the location of a vehicle. This includes both real-time data and historical information about the route traveled. These devices are usually installed inside the vehicle itself, but some companies offer external units that attach to the outside of the car. They use global positioning satellite (GPS) technology to determine where the vehicle is located in space. A vehicle tracking system can provide detailed information about the driver’s whereabouts, including speed, direction, location and even idle time.

Vehicle tracking systems are useful for many reasons. For example, you might want to know how long someone spends driving around town without actually getting anywhere. You could use this information to calculate the distance driven, fuel consumed, carbon footprint, etc. In addition, vehicle tracking systems can help law enforcement officials find stolen cars.

Vehicle tracking systems have been available for years, but they were expensive and difficult to install. The advent of GPS technology has made it much easier to install these systems. Some vehicles come with built-in GPS receivers, while others require an aftermarket unit. At Terminal Tracker, we provide one the best suite of vehicle tracking systems in Malaysia.

Here are some of the benefits of vehicle tracking system in Malaysia

1. Reduce costs

Fuel cost is one of the biggest expenses for transportation companies. In fact, it ranks second only to payroll among major operating expenses. With GPS technology, fleet managers can monitor driver behavior and improve overall performance.

Fuel costs can be minimized by reducing speeding and other poor driving behaviors like harsh acceleration, which decreases fuel efficiency. Drivers can also be monitored to ensure they are taking the most direct route to work. If you find that your drivers are deviating from the norm, you can set up alerts to notify you when they stray too far off course. This way, you can take action quickly to address the issue.

Companies can also save money by setting up time-based restrictions on where your drivers can travel during certain hours of the day. For example, companies could restrict your drivers to traveling within 50 miles of home during rush hour traffic.

2. Increase productivity

Increasing productivity is a time and cost saver. With vehicle tracking systems, companies can monitor driver activity and ensure that vehicles are being used effectively. By monitoring where drivers spend most of their time, companies can better understand how much time and fuel is wasted driving around empty lots or on side streets. This information can help managers improve routes and reduce idle hours, ultimately saving time and money.

3. Theft prevention and recovery

Vehicles and equipment are some of your most valuable assets. They represent your company’s livelihood and are often used during peak times of the day. You want to make sure that your employees are following safety procedures while driving and working around your property. But what happens when someone steals your vehicle or equipment?

When you have GPS tracking installed, you can instantly see where your vehicles and equipment are located. This helps you keep track of the asset and ensure it is being operated within the parameters you established.

If a vehicle is stolen, you can immediately alert law enforcement agencies and notify your insurer. Location tracking allows police to locate the missing vehicle and return it to you.

You can even set up customized calendars for your vehicles and equipment. For example, you could schedule a specific employee to work overtime on certain days and times. Or you could set up a template for each vehicle to indicate how long it is allowed to operate per shift.

With real-time data, you can instantly know when a vehicle or piece equipment is operating outside of its scheduled usage. This gives you the opportunity to take action before something goes wrong.

With Terminal Tracker, we offer advanced GPS technology, real‑​­­­­­­timed tracking mobile apps, reliable customer service, and proven vehicle recovery services. We guarantee that our products will help you save money and improve your business operations. It’s now the right moment to invest in Terminal Tracker, Malaysia‘s top vehicle tracking systems provider!

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