Ever heard of GPS tracker? For those who have never heard of it, it is a tool or tracking device, where its main use is to track an object, vehicle or human. If you do a search in Google using the word GPS Tracker in Malaysia, you will definitely see a lot of GPS tracker sellers. Terminal Tracker is one of the distributors and service providers for GPS trackers in Malaysia.

In Malaysia, GPS tracker is still new, but many people are already aware of the importance of GPS tracker. There are many uses of GPS tracker, one of which is for security and for employers it can reduce management costs. But there are also those who use GPS Tracker to “track” spouses or employees who misuse company vehicles.

Who needs GPS Tracker in Malaysia?

According to sources from the Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department in 2020, a total of 21,578 cases of vehicle theft and 16,057 cases of motorcycle theft were reported. GPS Tracker installed by Terminal Tracker can also be installed on motorcycles and not limited to cars or trucks only.

Anyone in Malaysia can get this GPS tracker including:

  • Vehicle owners, who need to monitor parked vehicles, especially the ones living in the apartment area.
  • Employers, who need to monitor company vehicles from misuse.
  • The owner of a company that runs a car rental business.
  • Spouses. Usually used to monitor the partner’s movements. It can be for domestic issues or for the spouse’s safety.

GPS Tracker can be installed on any vehicle and is not limited to cars only. At Terminal Tracker you are not only buying a GPS tracker, but you are buying a GPS experience with the support of the reliable Terminal Tracker team.

Uses of GPS Tracker in Malaysia

With GPS Tracker installed by Terminal Tracker, “live location” can be tracked at any time using the application or in other words “Real-Time Tracking Mobile App”. Users can also monitor the speed of the vehicle being driven. GPS tracker is not easy to hack, steal or open.

Here are the benefits of using GPS Tracker in Malaysia:-

  • It is easy to find out the last location of the vehicle on the street
  • Can improve your driving style
  • Can check and monitor vehicles driven by other people
  • Detect quickly, if the vehicle is lost, stolen or in an accident
  • Assist in vehicle travel schedule management
  • Helps to reduce company administration costs, where the misuse of company vehicles can be reduced

In short, a GPS tracker is not a guarantee that the vehicle will not be lost or stolen, but it is your commitment to your vehicle so that it does not get lost. With Terminal Tracker, you can rest assured of getting advanced GPS technology, real-time tracking mobile app, reliable support system, and proven lost vehicle recoveries. You will be able to see the positive effects after a few months of installation in terms of financial and management costs. This is the time to get Terminal Tracker, Malaysia’s most reliable GPS Tracker!


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