Have you ever experienced forgetting where you parked your car, especially in a shopping complex? Or the incident where the car that was sent and left for service or car wash was misused by the service center/car wash center itself. Did you know, there is a tool called a gps tracker for that can track the location of your car at all times by simply installing the device and installing apps? 

With various safety functions, now you don’t have to worry about your car anymore. Even if it is stolen or you forget where to park, it can easily be tracked immediately and very quickly. With various security functions and advanced features, this gps tracker for car is very helpful.

According to statistics in 2020, every 1 hour 15 minutes, a vehicle is successfully stolen or approximately 20 vehicles are stolen every day. A total of 4,596 involving cars. (source: Utusan). This is the importance of a car tracker to be installed on your car. Malaysians’ awareness of its importance is still low at the moment.

How GPS Tracker for Car Works

The current GPS car tracker technology is very powerful, not just to show a moving point or just a trace on the map, but is also capable to provide more information including, real-time information on the car and the surrounding conditions. In addition, it also provides information about car speed, location and driver behavior. The device and also the apps are installed on the car and connected to a mobile phone or laptop by a qualified installer so that you can monitor your car on the mobile phone screen at any time. At Terminal Tracker we also offer fast and reliable human support.

Purpose and Advantages of Installing  GPS Tracker for Car

There are many purposes for installing GPS tracker for car. If the car is owned by a company, the advantages of the car tracker are to:

  • Protect the vehicle from being stolen
  • Monitor the movement of company cars so that they are not misused for personal needs.
  • Monitor the driver’s driving patterns and use the car prudently.
  • Increase productivity especially for delivery companies
  • Savings on operating and fuel costs

For individual car owners, apart from protecting the car from being stolen, a car tracker is very helpful in:

  • Tracking the car if you forget where you park, especially in large shopping centers or in open and wide areas.
  • Helping other family members track you if traveling a long distance. If there is an accident, you can quickly know and take appropriate action.
  • Catching a cheating partner.
  • Tracking your teenage children where they go if you’re concerned about their safety, especially a teen who just got a driver’s license.
  • Getting immediate help if you are stranded or in an accident, especially if you are not familiar with the area yourself.

Simply put, installing a car tracker on your car is one of the most effective and efficient ways to protect it from crime or negligence. The price depends on the device used. Terminal Tracker has affordable car tracker devices with great promotions and we also have a team of experienced installers to install these devices throughout Malaysia.


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